The Courage To Teach: The Hidden Wholeness: Paradox in Teaching and Learning

In Chapter 3 (yes, I'm only in Chapter 3, I'm a slow reader), Palmer talks about paradoxes and using paradoxes in looking at ourselves and looking at how we teach.  He operationalizes paradoxes as opposites, or as he calls them, "either-ors".  Instead of choosing one of the "either-or" options, he suggests we choose both.  To [...]


The Courage to Teach: Fear

I've been procrastinating on this post for some time.  I finished Chapter 2 a couple weeks ago, haven't quite wrapped my thoughts around the subject -- fear.  I'm not sure I really want to, so I'm moving on... Nonetheless, the point of the chapter is we may have fears that affect our teaching and our [...]

Development of Faith and Spirituality (Repost)

Evans et al's Chapter 11 discusses the Development of Faith and Spirituality.  I found interest in this topic because I fairly recently became a Christian myself and think my spiritual development in college was extremely lacking.  According to Evans et al (2010, pp 195) from Speck (2005) and my own personal experiences, spirituality is avoided [...]

Multiracial Identity Development (Repost)

  Chapter 16 in the Evans et. al's (2010), Student Development in College: Theory, Research, and Practice, talks about Multiracial Identity Development.  Having a white father and an Asian mother myself, I found this chapter to be of interest.   The first section of the chapter that caught my attention was the one that discussed the different [...]